More fun than putting vodka in the watercooler.

It’s not easy to reward your teams, help them loosen up, collaborate, and keep them happy and loyal. But you don’t have to do anything rash.

Simply look at what they do in their spare time – and make that a party, bigger and better than they ever imagined. A party that gives them the opportunities to open up and be themselves around their colleagues. That party is iPlayGaming!

With options for being hosted in the office or at a local venue, our staff parties are the perfect event for tech or digital departments or businesses with up to 100 individuals.

Our staff parties include…

  • Interactive entertainment - with your team as the stars of the show
  • An awesome selection of multiplayer games consoles and arcades
  • Competitions, dance-offs, rock-outs, winner stays on, team challenges
  • Leaderboards, trophies, prize presentations
  • Plus loads of great optional extras

All hosted with our expert event management to create the perfect staff party.

Play together, stay together

Encourage teamwork through winning, losing and having fun together.

Next-level reward
Give your staff something they’ll really enjoy and reward exceptional performance.

Create love
Get the hearts of your team going, with an experience they’ll never forget.

Attract new players
Capture the your culture with photos and videos of your team at their happiest.

What we offer…


Nothing improves team dynamics like social collaboration, impress your team with your very own office gaming party. We’ll bring the gear, set the challenges, and crank up the employee satisfaction score to 10, providing entertainment and activities for 4 full hours…

Priced from £1,500 per event and available nationwide.


Take the party to the next level and host it in a local venue. We can use our network of venues and caterers to create your own mini iPlayGaming festival. With 5 hours of games, fun contests and competitions, our venue parties provide the ultimate entertainment, and can also include beer…

Priced from £1,800 per event and available nationwide.

If you would like a party for more than 100 attendees then check out our festivals


“iPlayGaming Battles are the best events in the world”

“I wish I could go to one everyday!”

James Hardy, Acme Limited

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