Give your team a social multiplayer gaming party.

Are you looking for an event that turns up the energy in your office, encourages collaboration, builds long lasting memories, and rewards your team?

Irrespective of your answer, that is what you have found! So it is time to get your team together and get ready for some serious fun.

At our events your teams will…

Play games. Eat food. Drink booze. Win competitions. Be the stars of our stage entertainment. Make friends (we do not accept responsibility if Mario Kart rivalries do occur) – and have an awesome experience!

Enjoy the line up.

We will pack a local venue full of arcade machines and games consoles, both new and retros from the last 30 years, ready for your attendees to play head to head, and in teams.

Call of Duty • Crash Team Racing • Daytona • Destruction Derby • Duck Hunt • Duke Nukem • F1 Racing • FIFA • Forza • Goldeneye • Gran Turismo • Guitar Hero • Halo • House of the Dead • Injustice • Mario Kart • Mortal Kombat • Need for Speed • Outrun • Paperboy • Pro Evo Soccer • Raving Rabbids • Rocket League • Sensible Soccer • Sonic the Hedgehog • Soul Calibur • Spectrum ZX Classics • Street Fighter • Streets of Rage • Super Hang On • Super Smash Bros • Tekken • Timesplitters • WWE & much more!

There’s also tabletop games, festival games, board games, drinking games and plenty more to keep your team entertained.

Check out the stage.

Our 7 hour festivals are packed full of entertainment. Our comedic compere hosts games on stage to get the atmosphere going, where your team will showcase their skills and become the stars of the show! Playing games like Just Dance, Rockband, and Mortal Kombat – in contests such as dance offs, winner stays on, and more.

  • Huge screen gaming
  • Stage entertainment hosted by our comedic MC
  • Contests and competitions
  • Festival DJ
  • Retro gaming
  • Arcade machines
  • Virtual reality
  • F1 racing seats

Have a crack at competitions.

If your team can make Extreme look like Beginner mode, then get them ready to show off and compete in one of our knockout tournaments. Each festival has a selection of competitions on games like Street Fighter, Call of Duty, Fifa and Mario Kart. The champions win fun prizes, an iPlayGaming trophy – and bragging rights as the gaming champion in your company.

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Taste the top grub and drink.

Of course, nobody can show their colleagues their true skills on an empty stomach. So there’s a fully stocked bar and street food. Your team will be able to tuck into a gourmet burger. Pass around a few chips. Try a fancy craft ale. All provided by one of our partner venues and catering suppliers. There’s no a tastier way to keep up the energy to play.

Our business festivals are designed for 100-2,000 attendees, and available from £10,000 per event.

If you would like a team event for less than 100 attendees then check out our parties

The feedback

“I would not hesitate to recommend an iPlayGaming festival as a great alternative party; it definitely engaged our staff and delivered a fantastic evening that’s still being talked about!”

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“We were hosting our end of financial year party and wanted to do something a bit different for our team. We had our team racing, dancing, playing and interacting right through to the middle of the night. It was a great success.”

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