Entertain your team in style with our corporate gaming festivals

The ultimate games & entertainment package for corporate parties

Our corporate Gaming & Grill festivals will provide your team with an alternative party they won’t forget. We bring the multiplayer video games, the traditional games, the live stage entertainment, the fun team competitions and contests, the street food, and host your very own private festival.

Designed for 100+ attendees and hosted in a venue local to you, our Gaming & Grill festivals are social, interactive, inclusive and perfect and super fun. Most importantly, everything is taken care of by iPlayGaming. From planning, right through promotion, to delivery, meaning you can relax and enjoy the experience just as much as your team.


A social multiplayer gaming party.

An iPlayGaming festival will turn up the energy in your office, encourage collaboration, build long lasting memories, and reward your team.

At our events your teams will…

  • Plays awesome games.
  • Win fun competitions.
  • Eat street food and drink from a fully stocked bar.
  • Be the stars of our stage entertainment.
  • Make friends and have an awesome experience!

We will arrange to host the festival at a local venue and we will pack it full of arcade machines and games consoles, both new and retros from the last 30 years, tabletop games, festival games, board games, traditional games and plenty more to keep your team entertained.

Check out the stage.

Our 7 hour festivals are packed full of entertainment. Our comedic compere hosts games on stage to get the atmosphere going, where your team will showcase their skills and become the stars of the show! Playing games like Just Dance, Rockband, and Mortal Kombat – in contests such as dance offs, winner stays on, and more.

  • Huge screen gaming
  • Stage entertainment hosted by our comedic MC
  • Contests and competitions
  • Festival DJ
  • Retro gaming
  • Arcade machines
  • Virtual reality
  • F1 racing seats

Sneak peak into our events…

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